Chapter One: Pages 3-4

The Wrighter's Block|BLOG

Travis gestured the man beside him with a single head nod before he fixed his slacks and took a seat. He found a table only a few feet away from the stage. He impatiently waited for the songstress to open her eyes. He needed her to see him.

He studied her closely, as she swayed to the rhythm inside her head. She could use some tending to, but Travis was drawn to the bore of her aura. Her hair was a dark, blond tint. Long and misplaced. And light, golden fuzz framed the sides of her face and the edge of her arms. The scent of her skin was reminiscent of spring, and her movements were amorous and sensual. She was an unusual kind of charming. Travis knew right away that she belonged exactly where she was.

“Cindy!” “Cindy!”

A young man loudly whispered from backstage. There was an urgency in his voice.

She slowly turned away from the…

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Chapter One: Pages 4-5

The Wrighter's Block|BLOG

He smiled at her.

Then suddenly without warning, a waitress interfered.

“Shot of Bourbon and cigar, Sir?”

Travis gave her a hasty nod as she placed an astray and a few flimsy napkins down on the table. Then she set the receipt face down, inside of a small, black pocketbook.

“And whenever you’re ready,” she kindly said.

He completely ignored her services. He was too determined to be seen.

The man beside him could see the frustration in his face. Travis chuckled to himself and shook his head in dismay. As he rudely looked over the waitress’ shoulder, he was startled to see Cindy, now smiling back at him.

She was immediately charmed by his lips. They were soft and full, appearing to have been carefully sculptured and precisely placed on his face. They looked flushed, as if they had just been kissed. She felt indifferent by the thought of him intimate with someone other than her. She was slightly taken aback by…

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