In Search of Namibian Cuisine

The Curious Kitchen

The recipe  – Sheep’s Tails, Samp and !Nabas

This past weekend I had dinner with two warm and very friendly people from Europe. This is their first visit to Namibia, and they wanted to eat typical Namibian food. This, as it always does, presented me with a conundrum: just what is typical Namibian food? What dish is uniquely ours?

Consider this: much of what we eat on a daily basis is found just about anywhere else: cheese, tomato, beef, pork, mutton, maize, green beans, onions, garlic, chilies, fish – you name it, someone else somewhere else in the world eats it too.

The food writer C. Louis Leipoldt in his book “Kos vir die kenner” said the following about Afrikaans food: “[…] wat die meeste van ons as eg Afrikaans beskou, is maar net dieselfde geregte, onder ‘n ander naam, as wat in ander lande gebruik word.”…

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